Kidz Serving the Badge:

On August 5th students from the Kid Zone Camp, LLC located at 107 Lake Road, Creedmoor in association with Not 4Gotten, a 501c3 (Non-Profit) organization, partnered together to provide lunch to Creedmoor Police and Butner Public Safety. Students had the opportunity to meet with officers, speak with the Chief(s) and to interact with their peers. Students showed their appreciation of the Officers by serving them lunch, sponsored by local businesses (American Hero of Creedmoor & Sheetz of Youngsville).

Officers inspired students to become the best they could be and to never let anyone label them. They reminded students that Education and their dream Profession is achievable, and reachable….but it was up to them to decide where “ their” top was….and reminded them to never limit themselves.

The Students were happy to serve lunch to the Officers, learn about their professions and gain insight on the work Police do in and for communities.

Creedmoor Police Dept.
Butner Public Service